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Just a word of caution to all who move to and within Kansas City. DO… - The Singles Lounge

Oct. 31st, 2008

03:06 pm

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Just a word of caution to all who move to and within Kansas City.


They are really nice until you make an appointment and they show up. Then the movers are rude, incompetent, and careless. The office manager comes across as aggressive, uneducated, and accusatory both on the phone and in writing and the owner of the company apparently goes months without being in the office or checking his email.

This company says it is insured, but, when pressed about broken or damaged items in the move, refuses to send out any claims and stops all contact. They claim to have no knowledge of me or my items. They say they record all phone calls (which I do not believe is legal unless they notify you...but either way, I don't believe they record you at all) and they do not have any record of me phoning them. However, when pressed for the damage claim for the bookcase they broke, they miraculously remember me, but say I broke it myself and refuse to send me an insurance claim AT ALL.

Luckily, I saved my invoice which notes the broken bookcase and used mail and email to contact them. With those items in hand and my credit card statement, I will be able to solve this, but I did want to warn you all.

Also, this is a lesson in saving and documenting all paperwork and correspondence when working with a service company.