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1) What's your first name? Adele 2) How old are you? 23 3) What is… - The Singles Lounge

Dec. 28th, 2010

05:38 am

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1) What's your first name? Adele
2) How old are you? 23
3) What is your gender? Female
4) What gender(s) do you date? Male
5) What is your profession? Graduate student
6) What part of KC do you live in? Overland Park
7) In what parts of KC do you most often hang out? Downtown KC, Brookside, Overland Park
8) How long have you lived in KC? all my life
9) What kind of single are you? (widowed, divorced, never married, etc.) never married
10) Do you have children? Do dogs count?
11) What are your hobbies? reading
12) What are some favorite KC activities? KC opera
13) Do you have any favorite KC hang-outs? How about for dates? coffee shops, good food, etc
14) Sum up your views on religion in 5 words or less. Episcopalian, seminarian, very progressive Christian
15) Turn-ons? Career motivated people (usually college educated, looking for a job types)
16) Turn-offs? Guys that don't treat girls with respect
17) Do you have a profile listed on any internet dating sites? Provide a link or username if you want to share! Okcupid - was there for years, but I give up.